Courtesy Photo of Arlene HicksCourtesy Photo of Arlene HicksCourtesy Photo of Arlene HicksCourtesy Photo of Arlene Hicks

Jackson County Conservation District sponsors a 5th grade poster contest and a 5th and 6th grade essay contest for Arbor Day

Arbor Day is this Friday, April 30th.  Every year the Jackson County Conservation District sponsors a 5th grade poster contest and a 5th and 6th grade essay contest.  The Kadoka Elementary 5th graders have participated in both for many years. This year’s Jackson County winners are Lilly Uhlir and C.J. Bissonette. 893 essays were completed around the state, and Lilly’s was one of 23 selected to compete at the state level. 626 posters were drawn by South Dakota 5th graders, and C.J.’s was chosen to represent Jackson County. Twelve of the top posters are selected for the 2022 calendar, and C.J.’s poster placed fifth among the top 12 at the state level.  His picture, hometown, and school with appear in the upcoming 2022 calendar. We always enjoy submitting our work and want to thank Jackson County Conservation District for allowing us such a great opportunity to showcase our work. 
Lilly Uhlir
Her Essay read, “I would like to talk about how many amazing things trees do for us. To start off trees give you oxygen, and we need oxygen to live. Imagine life without trees; it would not be very good. You know the houses you live in. Guess what it is made up of? It is made from parts of trees, like the trunk and even some branches. Trees give us many things to do. We can climb them, hide behind them when you are playing hide and seek, and we can also build tree houses, which are very fun. Trees can protect us and outbuildings from harsh winds or even snow. Cold weather brings cold temperatures, so if you have a wood stove you use the wood from trees to keep you warm. Trees produce fruit like apples, pears, limes, lemons and much more. Hopefully, I have made it clear all the wonderful things trees do for us. Remember to take good care of them. If you cut down a tree, make sure you replant one in its place. If you have any spare time this Arbor Day, you may just want to plant a tree.”
C.J. Bissonette
His Essay read, “Ever since the beginning, people have used trees for many things. With its strong trunks’ ancestors made log houses. Wooden dinnerware helped many of our ancestors eat. Wooden weapons helped our ancestors hunt for food. Trees have over time provided us with warmth. Trees have fed us with their wonderful fruits including apples and cherries. We can climb, carve, make toys, build forts, build tree houses, and make furniture with these awesome trees. Trees, with the help of its leaves, give us clean oxygen and clearer water.
When I was 5 years old one of my neighbors had a tree. This tree had apples, so almost every summer day, we would go to our neighbors house to pick them. These apples tasted unbelievably sweet. They were perfectly green. My cousins and I used to go outside and play. When we were tired, we asked for some these delicious apples. Sometimes we would eat some choke cherries that werre also near my house, and they were good most of time. The trees we had are dead now mostly because people destroyed them. Trees can help us by providing everything we need, and they can help out Earth and atmosphere. Trees take care of our Mother Earth and Father Sky. Plant some trees this Arbor Day to provide for future generations.”
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First Arbor Day
The Spanish village of Mondoñedo held the first documented arbor plantation festival in the world organized by its mayor in 1594. The place remains as Alameda de los Remedios and it is still planted with lime and horse-chestnut trees. A humble granite marker and a bronze plate recall the event. Additionally, the small Spanish village of Villanueva de la Sierra held the first modern Arbor Day, an initiative launched in 1805 by the local priest with the enthusiastic support of the entire population.


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