Keynote speaker and professional drummer Clint Pulver pays visit to Kadoka

The Kadoka Area School District and community members enjoyed a fun-filled evening thanks to Clint Pulver.
The event featured a free meal, courtesy of Penny’s Riverside Catering, available an hour before Pulver started speaking at 6:30 p.m.
Funded by the school district’s Title 1 Family Engagement grant, it hopes to build strong communities and citizens.
Clint Pulver is a motivational speaker, musician, and author. He has been a professional drummer for over 20 years, sharing the stage with top musicians in the industry. Some of the venues he has played in include the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood and Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City. He has also performed at the annual Stadium of Fire event. The Stadium of Fire is held in Birmingham Young University’s LaVell Edwards Stadium on Independence Day. It is home to the largest display of fireworks in America.
For perspective, the Kodak Theatre, also known as the ‘Dolby Theatre” is well-known for hosting the Annual Academy awards ceremony. Vivint Area is the home venue for the National Basketball Association’s Utah Jazz. A fun fact, he was the director of the Jazz’s Drumline before exiting in 2015.
While he loves being a musician, Pulver didn’t stop there, he has become a well-known name in the keynote speaker industry. He helps workforces like AT&T evolve and become more connected by breaking down the barriers between employers and employees. This has earned him a spot in Business Q’s Magazine's “Top 40 under 40”.
As an actor, he has been featured in films alongside Jack Black and John Heder. He also was featured on America’s Got Talent.
With that said, Pulver didn’t come to teach the audience about the workforce, rather giving parental guidance amidst a high-energy speaking event.
Pulver focused on the “Seven Building Blocks of Resiliency”. By focusing on each one, parents can become connected with their child in a healthy manner.
Dubbed the “Seven C’s”, it includes control, coping, character, connection, contribution, confidence, and competence.
Control: it is not about punishment, rather a teaching moment and telling your children that their actions produce consequences. Coping: helping your child deal with their respective stress by being a role model and showing them how you handle stress yourself. Character: helping him or her recognize themselves as a caring individual. Connection: building security within your home, emotionally and physically. Contribution: making chances for your child to be positively contributing in situations. Confidence: Taking the time to tell your child what he or she has done well and not pushing past their limits. Competence: making sure that your desire to protect him or she doesn’t make them think that they can’t handle things by themselves. 
Pulver is a firm believer that an entire life can change in a moment. He continued with a story on how his grade-school teacher gave him exactly that, a life-changing moment.
During one of his grade-school years, he would constantly get in trouble for not sitting still. Pulver would tap his fingers on his desk and could not help himself. After being sent to the principal’s office for his actions, the principal had told him to try sitting on his hands. It had worked for about five seconds before he started to tap his feet. 
One day, after tapping his fingers, Pulver’s teacher, Mr. Jensen, had told him to stay after class. 
Thinking he was going to be kicked out of school, Pulver feared the worst.
Class ended and Mr. Jensen had told him that he wasn’t in trouble.
Instead, Jensen asked him if he had ever thought about being a drummer and pulled out Pulver’s first pair of drumsticks.
Pulver reflected and told the audience that this was that life-changing moment for him. Rather than seeing his tapping as a problem, Mr. Jensen just saw him as a drummer.
As Pulver was speaking, he brought out those very same drumsticks and had asked the audience if he could play for them.
The curtains were pulled on the auditorium’s stage and a drum set was revealed. Bringing high-energy the audience had gotten involved, clapping along to the beat.
It was a no-brainer to bring his humor, stories, and self-reflecting questions to the Kadoka Area School District for parents and children alike to enjoy. A big thank you to all those who made this possible!

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