Wall Eagles Host Track and Field Meet

Wall, Wind, Win! Wall hosted their track meet on Friday, April 23, 2021.  The wind was blowing and the temperature was cold that day.  The boys and girls squads won the team plaques as well!
Also a school record was broke with Ava Dinger going 32’ 10” in the triple jump, breaking her own record.  A team record was also broke with the girls scoring 139 points for the Wall Invite records.
Results were:
Wall Invitational - April 23
Girls 100 Meter Dash:  Cordes, Piper - 10th, 15.41; McDonnell, Taylor - 12th, 15.90; Paulsen, Macee - 13th, 15.72
Girls 200 Meter Dash:  Kjerstad, Paige - 2nd, 29.63; Heathershaw, Charlie - 8th, 33.08
Girls 400 Meter Dash: Kjerstad, Paige - 2nd, 1:03.61; Paulsen, Macee - 6th, 1:14.00
Girls 800 Meter Run:  Dartt, Taylee - 5th, 3:04.29; Paulsen, Macee - 7th, 3:14.63 Girls 1600 Meter Run:  Dartt, Taylee -2nd, 6:45.41; Poor Bear, Maranda - 3rd, 6:58.44; Stephan, Alexis - 4th,  7:08.94
Girls 3200 Meter Run:  Poor Bear, Maranda - 3rd, 14:14.42; Stephan, Alexis - 4th, 14:35.48
  Girls Long Jump:  McDonnell, Taylor - 11th,  11’5.25”; Tines, Loucasey - 13th, 11’3.5” Girls 100/110 Meter Hurdles: Livermont, Chye - 7th, 24.02
  Girls 300 Meter Hurdles: Piper Cordes, 7th 4’ 4”; Charlie Heathershaw, 8th 4’ 2” Girls 4x100 Meter Relay: 1st Piper, Nora Dinger, Searra Deutscher, Ava 55:38                               Girls 4x200 Meter Relay:  2nd Charlie, Nora, Piper, Ava 1:58.75
  Girls 4x400 Meter Relay:  3rd Alexis, Piper, Taylee, Paige 5:09.82
 Girls 4x800 Meter Relay:  2nd Alexis, Maranda, Macee, Taylee 12:42.86
  Girls Medley: 2nd Nora, Charlie, Ava, Paige 4:57.53
Girls Shot Put:  Lilly Wagner, 1st  32’ 9”; April Schulz, 3rd 29’ 1”; Kadence Kusser, 12th 24’ 2”
Girls Discus Throw: April Schulz, 5th 88’ 9”; Lilly Wagner, 6th 88’ 7”; Jada Kusser, 8th 83’ 8”
     Girls High Jump: Ava Dinger, 1st 32’ 10”  school record
Girls Triple Jump: Ava Dinger, 1st 32’ 10”  school record
                   Girls Team Points:
1st Wall 139pts, new team point record for the meet; 2nd RC Christian 80.5; 3rd New Underwood 77; 4th Jones County 62; 5th Philip 49; 6th Dupree 46; 7th Kadoka Area 45;  8th Bennett Co. 44; 9th White River 43; 10th Harding Co. 24; 11th Faith 19.5; 12th Spearfish 1
Boys 100 Meter Dash: Livermont, Norm - 5th, 12.72; Baldwin, Noah - 17th, 14.39; Mohr, Jace- 21st, 14.81
Boys 200 Meter Dash: Ferguson, Ethan - 10th, 28.99; Baldwin, Noah - 14th, 30.21; Mohr, Jace - 15th, 30.27
Boys 400 Meter Dash:  Mohr, Jace - 9th, 1:09.75; Casjens, Bridger - 10th, 1:12.33
Boys 800 Meter Run:  Olson, Austin - 7th, 2:38.95
Boys 1600 Meter Run:  Sundall, Brodie - 1st, 5:19.77; Olson, Austin - 8th, 6:02.78; Handcock, Dawson - 6th, 13:29.55
  Boys Long Jump: Tines, Tack - 1st, 19’9”
 Boys 100/110 Meter Hurdles: Levi Sharp, 4th, 19.58 
  Boys 300 Meter Hurdles: Levi Sharp, 5th, 52.49  
Boys 4x100 Meter Relay: 1st Norm, Rylan, Malcom Heathershaw, Tack  47.35  Boys 4x200 Meter Relay: 1st Norm, Brodi, Rylan, Tack 1:39.25
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay:  4th Levi, Jace, Jayden Leach, Brodi 4:13.71 
Boys 4x800 Meter Relay: 2nd Ethan, Austin, Jayden, Bridger 11:11.73 
Boys Medley: 3rd Levi, Jayden, Ethan, Brodi 4:20.22 
Boys Shot Put: Keith Brummett, 15th 30’ 1” 
Boys Discus Throw: Norm Livermont, 6th 111’ 6”; Keith Brummett, 12th 84’ 10”
Boys High Jump: Rylan McDonnell, 2nd 5’6” 
                      Boys Team Points:
 1st Wall 97pts; 2nd RC Christian 92; 3rd Kadoka Area 72.5; 4th Philip 67; 5th New Underwood 65; 6th Jones County 64; 7th Bennett Co. 44; 8th White River 43.5;9th Dupree 36; 10th Harding Co. 35; 11th Faith 30; 12th Spearfish 16
Coach’s comments:  What a day of brisk weather!  Watching the athletes run, one could not tell who was who because they were running in sweats, hoodies, whatever provided warmth.  The Wall Squad gave what they could considering the elements.  To have Ava Dinger set a new school record  in the triple jump and having the girls team score that many points was exciting.  Thank you to everyone who helped with hosting our meet.  Many schools always comment how they really like to come to our complex for a meet.  This coming week has varsity heading to Lyman on Thursday, some athletes to Howard Wood Relays Friday and Saturday, and varsity to Kadoka on Saturday.  Go Wall Squad!  Coach Karol Patterson
1st Picture Mama Law’s Photos, Alexis Stephan warm during her race. 2nd Picture Mama Law’s Photos, Austin Olson keeping warm during his race. 3rd Picture Mama Law’s Photos, Keith Brummet setting up to throw shot put.


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