Haakon County Sheriff Race

Candidate's Name: Dillon Armour, and I am running for Haakon Co. Sheriff’s position.
Past experience?
I started off pursuing a career in law enforcement with the Nebraska State Patrol, but had some issues with my shoulder that caused me to leave the training academy. I then learned of the deputy position here and took the oppurtunity.
What is your present employment?
I am currently the Haakon County Sheriff.
How long have you been a resident of Haakon County? My family and I moved up here in September of 2021.
What are some of the most important duties as a Sheriff? 
All the duties of sheriff are important, but I'd say working with and providing services for the community is one of the most important duties.

Candidates Name: Tim Quinn and I am currently running in the 2024 election for the office of Sheriff in Haakon County, South Dakota.
Past experience? 
I was hired in 2016 as the Deputy Sheriff for Haakon County and received my Law Enforcement training in early 2017. Through continued training I have been a Certified Law Enforcement Officer in the State of South Dakota since that time. I resigned as the Haakon County Deputy Sheriff in the spring of 2021. There was a disagreement between myself, and the then Haakon County Sheriff, over procedure and what I believed was needed to move the Sheriff’s Office forward. Since I was not the elected official in the Sheriff’s Office, and I did not believe necessary changes would occur, I decided to step away from the Haakon County Sheriff's Office.
What is your present employment? 
Currently I am an Investigator for the South Dakota State Brand Board. This is a Certified Law Enforcement position that enforces the South Dakota State brand laws. I have been in this position for the past 14 months.
How long have you been a resident of Haakon County? 
I was born and raised in Haakon County and lived here until I graduated from Midland High School. After that I spent 17 years in Rapid City, SD for school and work. After running the family farm near Milesville for several years, while still living in Rapid City, my family and I moved to the farm in 2002. 
What are some of the most important duties as a Sheriff? 
By job description the Sheriff’s Office is tasked with enforcing local, state, and federal laws, serving civil documents, courthouse security, criminal investigations, patrolling roadways, and many other items that fall under the “law enforcement” umbrella. I think what is missed by most is the fact that law enforcement officers are usually the first to be involved in crisis intervention. We become counselors in times of family crisis as well as mental crisis.  To be effective in that role, I think the Sheriff needs to be involved in the communities he is serving. I believe this is especially true in a county with a smaller population like Haakon County. I believe the more involved you are in all aspects of the county, the more you will know and understand the people you are elected to serve.
Any final comments about being elected as Sheriff of Haakon County? 
I believe we are at a time in Haakon County where there is much progress and growth, with the return of many of the younger people to the area. I think the Sheriff’s Office needs to make progress in the right direction to keep up with these times of growth. I want to be the person who will help bring that forward progress to the Sheriff’s Office in Haakon County. Please cast your vote in the primary election on June 4, 2024.

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